Nguyen, Thi Phuong Nam
MA (Canberra, Australia), PhD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Tel: +84 294 3855246 (ext 237)
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Office: B11.210, second floor, B1 Building

Dr Phuong Nam holds a Master of Arts in TESOL from the University of Canberra (Australia) followed by a PhD in the English Language and Literature from the University of Amsterdam.

Her research is in the area of second language acquisition and foreign language literature.



Academic writing

Literary reading

Research Interests

Language Acquisition

Writing across cultures

Literary engagement

Selected publications

Nguyen, P. N. T., & Rijlaarsdam, G. (2023). Focused Freewriting, Tchart, or Group Debate: Effects of Prewriting Conditions on EFL Argumentative Writing. English Teaching & Learning, 47(2), 1-20. Full-text access to a view-only version of the paper

Nguyen, P. N. T., & Nguyen, T. L. (2022). 11th Grade EFL Learners’ Perception of the Authenticity of the New Textbook English 11- Tieng Anh 11. Tra Vinh University Journal of Science, 48, 33-41.

Phuong Nam T. Nguyen (2022). Lesson for Ho Anh Thai: The Vegetarian Street Dogs. G. Rijlaarsdam (Ed.). In Literature Lessons in Dialogue from Tanja Janssen. Full text available at

Nguyen, P. N. T. (2021). Prewriting strategies and effects on argumentative writing. Paper presented at the conference book of abstract SEAMEO Region Training Center_Vietnam.

Hua, T. T V., & Nguyen, P. N. T. (2021). Intergrating Reading and Writing on Writing Performance (2021). Paper presented at TVU Conference Book of Abstract: Developing Quality Resources in the Era of Global Integration. ISBN: 978-604-79-2801-9

Bui, T. M. Q., & Nguyen, P. N. T. (2020). Effects of reading short fiction on EFL narrative writing. Conference Book of Abstract Vietnam Education Symposium: Hanoi, University of Education and the AVSE Education Network (Edunet).

Nguyen, P. N. T., Rijlaarsdam, G., Janssen, T., & Admiraal, W. (2020). Effects of rhetorical text analysis on idea generation and text quality. ITL_International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 171(2), 280-306.

Lac, M. T., Khau, H. A., Nguyen, P. N. T. (2019). Effects of cognitive reading strategy training on reading performance of EFL Students: A case of a high school in Vietnam. DLU Journal of Science, 9(4), 87-105.

Nguyen, P. N. T., Admiraal, W., Janssen T., & Rijlaarsdam G. (2018). Learning to write: Effects of prewriting tasks on English writings of Vietnamese students. Asian EFL Journal, 20(9.1), 57-74.
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Nguyen, P. N. T., Janssen, T., Rijlaarsdam G., Admiraal, W. (2016). Effects of self-questioning on EFL students’ engagement in literary reading / Los efectos del autocuestionamiento en la lectura comprometida de textos literarios de estudiantes de ingles como lengua extranjera. Routledge Culture and Education-Cultura y Educacion, 28(4), 702-737. doi: 10.1080/11356405.2016.1231759

Nguyen Thi, Phuong Nam. 2012, Second language writing and literary reading in university: Three empirical studies. University of Amsterdam Press.

Nguyen, P. N., Rijlaarsdam, G. C. W., & Admiraal, W. F. 2012, Improving L2 literature reading self-perception quality– An intervention study. In A learning Odyssey: Exploring new horizons in learning and instruction (pp. 30). Programme book of JURE Conference. Regensburg, Germany.

Nguyen, P. N., Rijlaarsdam, G. C. W., & Admiraal, W. F. 2012, Improving L2 writing quality – A series of two intervention studies. In Program and abstracts of SIG Writing Porto, (p. 178). Porto, Portugal.

Nguyen, N. T., Admiraal, W., & Rijlaarsdam, G. C. W. 2011, Improving L2 writing quality – A series of two intervention studies. In Book of abstract and extended summaries (pp. 248-249). Exeter, UK: University of Exeter.

Nguyen, N. T., Rijlaarsdam, G., & Admiraal, W. 2011, An experiment on pre-writing classroom instruction and its effect on fluency, quality of idea generation and self-efficacy of EFL Vietnamese novice writer students. In online abstracts of 4th International Conference on Writing Research, Writing Research Across Borders II. Fairfax, Virginia: George Mason University.

Awards and Grants

The Netherlands Nuffic Fellowship. 2008-2012

Mekong 1000 Project. 2008-2012

Vietnam Young Academics Award. 2003-2004




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