HCMC-02.12.2022: Two students majoring in English Studies from School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University, Duong Thi My Quyen and Luong Thi Bich Tuyen, excellently presented their research findings at The 3rd International Conference of TESOL & Education VLTESOL 2022, held at Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City.

The two oral presentations by Quyen and Tuyen were synthesized and extracted from the outcomes of their graduation thesis conducted under the under the instructions, evaluations, and contributions from lecturers of the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University before submitting the abstracts to the Conference Organizing Committee.

The papers presented My Quyen and Bich Tuyen are entitled “Multimodal Literacy: An East Asian Approach for Interpreting Cultural Representations in Vietnamese Cinderella” and “Visual Communication: Exploring Representations of Vietnamese Culture in Advertising”, respectively.

It is known that these are two of more than 65 research papers of national and foreign scholars selected by the Organizing Committee to present their studies at this international conference. Particularly, both Quyen and Tuyen’s oral presentations concentrate on research expertise which is very trendy globally, but still quite new in Vietnamese context: Multimodality and Visual Communication.

Although Quyen and Tuyen are fresh graduates of English Studies in the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University, both were confident, humble, and professional in their presentations and responding to questions from experts in the field of English Language Teaching.

Luong Thi Bich Tuyen, who just received her Bachelor’s degree in English Studies, said: “Having a chance to report my research findings at the International Conference on English Language Teaching left me with a lot of emotions. As this is the first time I’ve  presented at an international conference, I was very excited and look forward to the day of the conference. However, I also have mixed feelings of nervousness and anxiety about the presentation day. In the end, I feel very honored that I have successfully completed the report and answered questions from the audiences. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity. Through this, I also learned many things to improve myself in the future, specifically relating to research methodology and presentation skills.”

It is known that both Quyen and Tuyen have good jobs in the field of teaching after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies. Currently, Quyen also continues registering for the Master’s course in Theory and Methodology of English Language Teaching in the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University.

The achievements of Quyen and Tuyen’s in research presentations at such a prestigious and specialized international conference have contributed to the outstanding achievement of research competence of the lecturers and students of the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University.

The success of the two students is also a great motivation for students studying in the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University to continue striving to study, as well as to collaborate in conducting research projects with lecturers. This will help students develop their professional competence, research ability, and build a good academic profile for themselves right after graduation.

News: Communication Team -  School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh University

Translated by: Huu Phat

Photos: Communication Team – The 3rd International Conference of TESOL & Education VLTESOL 2022




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