TVU: In the academic year 2021-2022, two leaders of School of Foreign Languages: Dr Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam (Dean) and Dr Huynh Ngoc Tai (Deputy Dean), have published meaningful research contributing to the promotion of Vietnamese cultural aspects to scholars, experts, lecturers, and students of different cultures around the globe.

The first meaningful work is the publication of Dr Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam who adapted a Vietnamese famous literary work into the textbook for language teaching at universities in The Netherlands. Dr Phuong Nam contributed a chapter titled Lesson for Ho Anh Thai: The vegetarian Street Dogs. This chapter has been published by Amsterdam University Press in the book Lessons for Learning Literature in Dialogue (Literatuur Leren Lezen in Dialoog ), which is edited by a respectful scholar – Professor Tanja Janssen. 

The book chapter of Dr Phuong Nam draws on linguistic resources of a short story  Đàn chó hoang ăn chay, one of  famous literary works of well-known Vietnamese writer Ho Anh Thai. The book Literatuur Leren Lezen in Dialoog - Lessons for Learning Literature in Dialogue consists of 19 short literary works. Each literary work consists of a lesson plan. This book is not only appropriate for Dutch lecturers, but also for the lecturers who teach German, English, and history.

Another significant scientific research which contributes to promoting Vietnamese cultures globally is the book chapter of Dr Huynh Ngoc Tai. This book chapter was developed by Dr Tai and two senior lecturers at the University of Tasmanian, Australia. The book chapter of Dr Huynh Ngoc Tai is titled Enhancing Foreign Language Teachers’ Use of Multicultural Literature with an Analytical Framework for Interpreting Picture books about East Asian Cultures.This chapter is one of the parts of a research book titled Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Teaching Foreign Languages in Multilingual Settings: Pedagogical Implications. The book is published by a well-known publisher in the UK – Multilingual Matters by the editorial team of professors Anna Krulatz, Georgios Neokleous, and Anne Dahl.

In his chapter, Dr Tai’s and his co-authors presented an analytical framework for interpreting visual meanings in images about East Asian cultures. The framework is helpful for researchers, teachers and students of various cultural backgrounds to explore Vietnamese cultural representations and East Asian cultures through visual elements.

Indeed, these publications are only parts of academic accomplishments achieved by the leaders of School of Foreign Languages at Tra Vinh university in academic year 2021-2022. We hope this will be a source of motivation that foster undergraduate and graduate students with more inspiration, confidence and pride when studying at the School of Foreign Languages, Tra Vinh  university.

Link of Dr Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam’s book chapter:

Link of Dr Huynh Ngoc Tai’s book chapter:

Translated by Lưu Thị Hồng Ngọc (Student of School of Foreign Languages - DA21NNAE)




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