We understand the needs of English teachers and the challenges they face. To help teachers further develop their skills, we offer a free workshop, all designed and delivered by highly qualified and experienced US presenter.

The aims of our workshop for English teachers are to share our considerable knowledge, skills and expertise in teaching, provide information,  introduce new approaches to the teaching of English and give teachers the opportunity to come together to discuss issues around making the classroom more engaged.

Workshop Learning Outcomes: After the workshop, the participants will learn the following:

1. Classroom Management Strategies: It is undeniable that good strategies for managing a classroom are indispensable. They can help your class work better as planned. The workshop will explore some of the ways to organize your students from the beginning of class and keep them-on-task for the entire period. For example, a teacher should know what to do in every stage in a class session and should know what to say to make his or her students do what he or she is expecting. Therefore, a good strategy will make your class run more efficiently and put more responsibility upon the students rather than a burden on the teacher.

2. Engagement Strategies: Imagine that a classroom full of chaos will unavoidably makes the classroom teacher and other studious students feel uncomfortable and discouraged in teaching and learning. This workshop is, therefore, to share ways to connect all students with the lesson of the day and to make all students engage in every classroom activity so that it helps boost the effective teaching and learning.

3. Differentiation: It is obvious that it is difficult to have every student in the classroom approach lectures equally and at the same pace. Thus, suitable strategies for dealing with different levels in a classroom should be extremely necessary. During the workshop, the presenter will share with you ways to adapt your lessons to teach to the wide range of abilities in your classroom and ways to group students and modify your assignments in order to better your students’ learning needs.

The language delivered in the workshop will be English.




9 February, 2020

B71.101, Campus 1, Tra Vinh University


·         8.00 – 9.30

Classroom Management Strategies

Engagement Strategies


·         9.30 – 10.00

Tea break

·         10.00 – 11.00



If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organisers below.

Nguyen Huynh Trang

Deputy Head of English Department

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Khau Hoang Anh

Deputy Head of English Department

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Additional information is available through the School of Foreign Languages website at: http://fl.tvu.edu.vn/

Jim Vaughn is a teacher from Teachers for Vietnam (TfV) to the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Tra Vinh University. Jim Vaughn has been a public school secondary English teacher for the past 33 years in the State of Washington, in the United States. He has taught English, history, geography, and physical education in the Seattle-area community of Gig Harbor, Washington. Jim has served on the Peninsula School District’s School Restructuring Committee, participating in a variety of school restructuring issues such as integrated classrooms, teaming and service-learning. He has worked on numerous English and social studies curriculum committees. Perhaps most importantly, he has served as a school district leader for the national College Board’s English curriculum, SpringBoard. In addition, Jim has taken his English teaching experience overseas to both China and Bangladesh. In 2004, he was chosen as one of the 20 teachers from the Seattle-area Pacific Lutheran University to share English teaching strategies with high school teachers in Xian, Beijing and Shanghai, China. And in 2010, Jim was chosen by the United States State Department to be one of the three secondary teachers to serve as teacher mentors/facilitators for English language teachers in Kalkini, Bangladesh. In 2001, Jim was awarded the Washington State Award for Excellence in Education by then-Governor Gary Locke. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.




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