We are Thao Quyen, Uyen Nhi, Thuy Duong and we are fresh-man students of School of Foreign Languages at Tra Vinh University. As English major students, we have many opportunities to foster our language proficiency.

One of the most effective ways for us to practice is participating in English Speaking Club (ESC). ESC is only held once a week, but we have learnt so much in every meeting. The most recent meeting that we joined was last Thursday, November 1 warmed up by Halloween festival theme. With thoughtful preparation by volunteers from America and teachers and senior students, Halloween night had attracted to attention of many students. Before starting, we watched a short film about Halloween and we guessed some famous characters in horror movies. After that, we played a few funny games organized by Ms Sachi.

From these activities, we have known that Halloween or Hallowe’en is a celebration which is held in many countries on 31 October. Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. On this occasion, people dress up as characters in horrible novels or movies to frighten others and children go to their neighbour house to play ‘treat or trick’. Also at the previous ESC, we danced and sang together. It was really happy and fun.

ESC helps us know a lot of vocabularies and connect to each other by working in groups. Moreover, we feel that we have become dynamic and creative through activities. At ESC, all students enthusiastically take part in many fun and useful activities and we can improve speaking and listening skills as well. For us, ESC is an atmosphere where we call ‘studying hard, playing hard’ for everyone.

Uyển Nhi-Thùy Dương-Thảo Quyên

Pictures at ESC:

Ms Sachi introduces Halloween activities to students




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