As a second-year student, I am on the journey to approach in-depth knowledge with the help of several subjects in the training program. Among these subjects, “Introduction to Linguistics” offers a unique platform to explore a multitude of English language’s aspects.

How the course enlightens my insight into English is really spectacular. In high school, I was encouraged to learn and use undisputed vocabularies and structures that already existed. “Introduction to Linguistics”, however, is much more concerned with the task of exploring all aspects of language from different perspectives.

The course equips me with a comprehensive understanding of how languages, especially English, have been formed and evolved until now. Take the word “passionately” as an example, instead of acknowledging it as an adv to describe a way that shows your strong feelings or emotions, I now know that this word results from a complicated process of changing free root “passion” in to a verb by adding suffix “ate” before forming an adv with suffix “ly”. Following this way, I am able to analyze any new words and acquire them thoroughly.

For me, “Introduction to Linguistics” sets up a solid foundation that supports me in learning other subjects, and “Pronunciation” is a typical example. In chapter three - Phonology, there is a part that discusses place and manner of articulation to clarify the proper way to pronounce sounds. This is directly relevant to what “Pronunciation” focuses on and significantly helpful in finding an effective way to manage this linguistic component. “Reading” is another example to consider. For language learners, encountering new vocabulary while reading is inevitable. However, by looking at the affixes attached to these words, it is somehow possible to guess whether their meaning is positive or negative. I believe this strategy would be useful in testing settings where a dictionary is unavailable.

Obviously, this course is one of the subjects that strengthen my understanding of English language as well as facilitate my learning process. It is true to say what I learn from it is far more than what I can tell.

Tin: Bảo Ngọc

Ảnh: Bảo Ngọc

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My name is Phung and I am a second-year student at Tra Vinh University major in English- the major that I have no interesting. I rised in Duyen Hai and when I was 18, I moved to Tra Vinh to go to college. People go to university for all kind of reasons and so am I. I want to escape from strict management of my parents. Year ago, I entered into college and started living on my own with new surroundings I realized that the reality of college life is not ideal as I excepted.

When I was in high school, I believed that college life will be filled with freedom without parental administration and worries except some essays or researches. Nevertheless, the truth is completely contrary. College differs greatly across high school in term. In high school, doing assignments can improve my score while in college the major source to judge a student are tests and attendance rate in class. Some people said that in college there is no one there to control you, give you directions and teach what you should do or not. Plus, you can wake up late or skip classes and do not bother to study. Nonetheless, they said missing a part of the sentence “if you can afford for next re-learning”. At the age of 18, living on my own in a strange land, having no friends or relative are tough for me .I felt lonely and wanted to quit but my mind did not allow me to do that. I tried my best to learn to adapt and enjoy the new life .

Gradually, I was getting used to academic environment and felt in love with English because of its intriguing. Furthermore, college life was more exciting when I encountered with teachers who are enthusiastic and kindly in Tra Vinh University. If we are brave enough to deal with ostacles in college life, it would be more easier for us. College where we can develop ourselves in almost side, we not only learn about our major but also about human nature, manners, psychology, friendship and list goes on. Two year in college I recognized that no one can help me if I am not ready to help myself.

Creator: Lý Đan Phụng from School of Foreign Languages

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Ok Om Bok is one of the oldest festivals of Khmer people in Tra Vinh. It begins at the full-moon day of the tenth lunar month in Lunar Calendar. This year, it will take place from November 16th to November 22nd, which will be established in some main places such as the Conference Center of Tra Vinh Province, Long Binh River and Ba Om Pond.

In this festival, there are lots of activities, for example: Praying for the Moon, Kathina’s Parade, Boat Racing(Um Tuk Ngo) and so on. In the other word, this is a festive occasion for people to pray for a new and a good harvest.

Kathina’s Parade is organized once a year. Kathina is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of the Vassa, the three-month rainy season retreat for Theravada Buddhists in some countries in Viet Nam like Can Tho, Soc Trang, Kien Giang, Vinh Long, Bac Lieu, An Giang, Hau Giang, Ca Mau and Tra Vinh. Kathina is one month and beginning after the full-moon of the tenth moth in the Lunar calendar. In this festival, lay woman and lay man will be prepared Khmer’s traditional clothes by their own, and then, they parade around the temple for three times and crave for their health, their lives,...

During the full-moon night, Khmer’s family members congrerate in front of the communal pagoda or their houses and prepare Khmer’s special feast with green rice flackes, ripe bananas, fresh peeled coconuts and mangoes to offer to the moon. When the moon rises, the offering ceremony begins with all family members sitting flat on the ground and clasping their hands in wait for the moon to rise. After that, an old man ( Ar Char ) expresses their gratitude to the moon and prays for the next crops and their health. They pray to the Moon for bumper harvest all the year round, prosperity and happiness.

Especially, in the full-moon night, there is a special activity which has very meaningful and interesting, it is “Flying wind lantern”. When the wind lanterns begin to drop, the entire space becomes sparkling with the cheers and attracts the viewer’s attention. Along with the rising and funny music, a whole space is funnier.

Beside that, Boat Racing (Um Tuk Ngo) is one of the most attractive activities of the Khmers. The race draw hundreds of thousands of Khmer people in the region and tourists nationwide. On the Long Binh River, it takes place the exciting Boat racing in the echoing sounds of the Five tnes of the Khmer;s traditional musical scale and the resounding encouragement shouts of thousands of audiences. The racing teams come from different town and districts on the territory of Tra Vinh Province and nearby provinces bring a noisy and stirring atmosphere for the festival.

Ok Om Bok Festival is an important festival in Khmer people’s life. It becomes the symbol of aspiration, beautiful soul and rich emotional life of people to supernatural forces. It not only contributes to conserve and promote traditional cultural indentity of Khmer community but also a unique tourism product to attract visitors in the world.


Name: Nguyen Thi Xuan Dao

Class: DA18NNAE

Student’s code: 110418276

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