Master Training Program
Name of program: Theory and methodology of English language teaching
Code: 60140111

- Specialized knowledge: learners are able to gain knowledge of teaching theory, effective foreign language teaching methods; knowledge of scientific research in English teaching; develop and evaluate curriculum and teaching materials, knowledge of testing and assessment, acquiring a second language as a basis for teaching and designing effective, learner-appropriate lessons at all ages.
- General knowledge: learners have opportunities to practice; undertake academic work and raise awareness in professional English teaching; understand better literature and intercultural literature, cultural beauty in the world; practice pronunciation teaching and learning skills in English language teaching, critical thinking; have in-depth theoretical knowledge to develop new knowledge; self-study, and carry out research at the doctoral level; have general knowledge of professional management and organize activities related to the field.

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Curriculum: English
Training qualification: Bachelor in English
Field of study: English
Mode of study: Full-time (promulgated with the Decision no. 5139/QD-DHTV, December, 18th , 2015 of the Rector of Tra Vinh university)

The aims of the course are to train students in English to have political qualities, morality, professional style and good health; have enough professional knowledge and skills to be able to work in the professional fields using English, to meet the requirements of employers in particular and the society in general.

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