Trần Thị Thu Trang
Final year, Bachelor of English

The TVU School of Foreign Languages offers a comprehensive curriculum in linguistics, 
literature, creative writing, composition, teaching and research methodology.

 We aim to help you grow as a scholar and person, adapt to the challenge of changing working environment, and find employment in many different areas.

Our programs also provide a strong academic foundation for students interested in pursuing further education in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Presently we offer two undergraduate programs majoring in English.


The diploma program is full time and lasts for three years. Students who complete the program successfully will be awarded a TVU Diploma in the English language.

The awarded diploma is recognised widely in terms of credit for transfer to other Higher Education institutions, or progresses into the bachelor program.

The B.A. degree program aims to equip students with advanced levels of English language skills and cultural literacy for the use of English for a variety of purposes.

The English major requires completion of from 16 to 21 units per semester, including electives. Core courses are:

   tran thi diem trang

I firmly believe that everyone needs to learn the English language in today’s globalised world.


I’m passonate about English because I would ideally like to write and translate professionally.


That’s why I chose to embark on the B.A. degree in English at TVU.


I also think being able to speak English is really ‘cool’.


I’m very fortunate to have been in this program, learned from and worked with native English speakers.


My communication skills in English improve significantly from my third to final years of the degree program.


Right now, I believe that I am able to work with people from different backgrounds.


» Listening and Speaking (6 levels in total, equivalent to that of Cambridge & CEFR)

» Reading (6 levels in total, equivalent to that of Cambridge & CEFR)

» Writing (6 levels in total, equivalent to that of Cambridge & CEFR)

» Pronunciation

» Linguistics

» Interpretation & Translation

» Literature (British, American & World Literature)

» Teaching & Research Methodology

Students extend their studies with specialised electives:

» World Literature Survey

» Statistics for Social Research

» Specialised Translation

» Introductory Psychology

» Practicum

Additionally, students have to undertake compulsory general education courses to gain a sound general
skill of the Chinese language as a supplementary foreign language.

In meeting graduation requirements, students in their fourth year must either submit a final minor
thesis or take substitute courses to complete their BA degree program.

Download brochure (pdf,700kb)

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