For me, going to university opened up a “pink” future for a girl who just graduated from high school. So, I felt extremely happy and independent because I would be able to do what I like and no one could forbid me at all. However, after I had gone to school for a month, I really remembered my loved ones. I could not forget my house, my flower garden and even some tasty foods that my mother usually cook for me. I found it uncomfortable.

Fortunately, I gradually got used to living and studying without my parents day by day. Thanks to best friends and enthusiastic lecturers and excellent learning environment, activities offered by TVU School of foreign languages. Learning how to manage myself is my first lesson. I encouraged myself to study hard and to spend parents’ money reasonably. I was old enough to really comprehend and respect my parents’ sacrifice. Controlling the loneliness is also plays an important role in my life. I avoid being lonely by calling my parents everyday, hanging out with friends even reading books and meditating. They helped me feel more comfortable as well as more positive.

The extra-curriculum at TVU School of foreign languages are so meaningful and exciting. At Tra Vinh university, there are a lot of useful events for students. For example, As a student of English major, I can participate in ESC (English Speaking Club ) and online soft skills training courses with Fulbright scholars. These activities provide me with more experience and make my study more interesting. In particular, ESC is an opportunity for me to meet as well as connect with other lecturers and friends. Joining in ESC club brought some benefits to me. I could improve my communication skills in English through some games created by the organizer. I was given a lot of presents but my biggest gift is to become a member of organizer. I was strongly proud of it.

The online soft skill training course of Ms. Olivia is also a chance for me to enrich knowledge and improve some necessary skills such as time and stress management, presentation, teamwork and management styles. Participating in the course with experts from the United States helped School of foreign language’s students communicate and work with native speakers, broaden their cross- cultural knowledge in modern educational environment.

Eventually, being a freshman is the most wonderful experience I have ever had. For me, Tra Vinh university is like my second house with lots of friendly lecturers and close friends. I will always cherish my time as a new students.


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Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount


Slow, slow, fresh fount, keep time with my salt tears;

Yet slower, yet, O faintly, gentle springs!

List to the heavy part the music bears,

Woe weeps out her division, when she sings.

Droop herbs and flowers;

Fall grief in showers;

Our beauties are not ours.

O, I could still,

Like melting snow upon some craggy hill,

Drop, drop, drop, drop,

Since nature’s pride is now a withered daffodil.


Bài dịch

Xin hãy ngừng trôi

Chậm thôi hỡi dòng suối ơi

Dẫu cho nước mắt vơi cùng thời gian.

Mùa xuân hoa lá diệu dàng

Lắng nghe tiếng nhạc lòng tan cõi lòng.

Tiếng ca hoá tiếng bi ai

Để cho hoa cỏ rã rời dưới mưa.

Đẹp kia dù có kiêu sa

Sau cùng vẫn chẳng thể là của ta.

Nụ cười em vẫn trên môi

Nhưng như núi tuyết tan ra khỏi đồi.

Lòng này quặn thắt từng hồi

Thương cho tiên thuỷ hoá hồi héo hon.

Thế Hiển, thứ 2 ngày 6 tháng 11 năm 2017

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