Student Clubs

There’s always something to do at TVU. With students and staff from different countries, you have a chance to meet new people, make new friends, and take part in social and cultural activities. All student activities, such as performing arts, the English speaking club, and engaging in joint activities with international lecturers and students, give you an opportunity to develop team work, interpersonal and communication skills, and have a lot of fun in the process.

The English Club

The English Club is a fun student activity club. It is a place for students and faculty to come together and participate in the Department of English.There will be weekly meetings for the club members to enjoy an “English speaking only area” and discuss everything from career prospects to sustainability projects.It is also the goal of the English Club to provide help to those in need of practicing English.

English Club Faculty Advisors, 2014

Huynh, Do Thu
Kahn, D. Benjamin

The Communication Club

Communication is the key to success. That’s why effective communication skills are essential.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages is teaming up with Center for Communication and Community Engagement to start up a communication club in 2014. The club is a fun group of students interested in pursuing communication skills, including video communication, multimedia, interviewing, reporting and broadcasting.

You will learn from experienced and qualified faculty about how to produce news for audio, video, electronic and printing platforms. You will also learn basics like video and photograph editing, and digital skills.

Communication Club Faculty Advisor, 2014

Dr Ho-Dac, Tuc




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